1. In the angle-averaged excitation and decay spectra of molecules, vibronic coupling may induce the usually weak dipole-forbidden transitions by the excitation intensity borrowing mechanism. The present complementary theoretical...[mehr]

  2. Heat engines convert thermal energy into mechanical work and generally involve a large number of particles. We report the experimental realization of a single-atom heat engine. An ion is confined in a linear Paul trap with...[mehr]

  3. Understanding the interplay between optical pulse parameters and ultrafast material response is critical in achieving efficient and controlled laser nanomachining. In general, the key to initiate material processing is the...[mehr]

  4. Photoelectron circular dichroism (PECD) is experimentally investigated with chiral specimens with varying amounts of enantiomeric excess (ee). As a prototype, we measure and analyze the photoelectron angular distribution from...[mehr]