Titel: KIK-Vortrag "Application-specific arithmetic"
Startdatum: 16 Januar
Startzeit: 16:00
Stoppzeit: 17:00Uhr
Veranstalter: FG Intelligente Eingebettete Systeme - Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sick
Ort: Wilhelmshöher Allee 71-73, Hörsaal 0315

Prof. Florent de Dinechin
(Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon)

 "Application-specific arithmetic"

The hardware of general-purpose processors should be the most generally useful. Therefore, research on hardware computer arithmetic has long focused on the four basic operations: these are at the core of classical ALUs (arithmetic and logic units) and FPUs (floating-point units). However, the advent of FPGA computing has sparked interest in more exotic operators. Indeed, it is relevant to design specific hardware for an operator as soon as it is useful to one application. A more recent motivation is the increasing importance of dark silicon in high-performance chips.


This talk will survey the opportunities and challenges of application-specific arithmetic design, as developed in the FloPoCo project since 2008. These challenges will be illustrated on a range of operators, from elementary functions to digital filters computing just right.