12.09.2018 21:16

Workshop "‘Why Should We Care?’ A Feminist Look at Algorithms"

Goda Klumbyte, together with colleagues from Sociology of Diversity Pinar Tuzcu and Jennifer Stoll, will facilitate a workshop during the 10th European Feminist Research Conference.

The conference will take place at the Georg-August-University Göttingen on 12-15 September 2018, and will focus on the topic "Difference, Diversity, Diffraction: Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions".

The workshop aims at creating a critical feminist approach towards the analysis of algorithmic systems by asking the following questions: 

What is an algorithm and why should we care?
How do they operate? What do they affect our everyday life and beyond?
What is algorithmic sexism and how does it operate? 

The goal is to create space for the understanding of the basic principles of algorithms and analyze the dynamics of power relations that algorithmic systems produce. In order to illustrate these dynamics, the facilitators will also look at the examples of algorithmic bias and regulation in fields such as big data, cryptocurrencies and machine learning. By trying to analyse algorithms from a feminist perspective, the facilitators hope to contribute to the building of a critical account of algorithmic power and its implications.

Read more about the conference here: https://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/572444.html