24.11.2016 11:16

Current Projects

Concept of the new Goal Keeper

We are currently working on several bigger project, we want to inform you about.

At first there is the new goal keeper. We are at the end of the concept phase and start to build a first prototype step by step. There is still a long way to go until we have the hardware and software under control, but you can already get an idea from the CAD graphic.

Secondly we need to implement a new image processing module, as the current module carries a lot of legacy code and isn't completely understood by any of our current team members. Furthermore, we want to drop the firewire bus of our current Point Gray Flea 2 camera in favor of the ethernet connection of the Flea 3 camera.

The third point is the redesign of our strategy modelling tool, a.k.a. the Plan Designer. A lot dependencies to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform framework made it difficult for us to update the Plan Designer in the past. Therefore, we want to develop a version that is much more stand alone and thereby more light weight than before.


  Carpe Noctem Cassel