Uni Assist Guideline

STEP 1: How to obtain a login account for the uni-assist online-application

Visit the uni-assist website www.uni-assist.de and switch to the English version. Follow the steps indicated when clicking "Applicant's portal".

Unless you have visited the uni-assist application database before and have previously obtained a password for login, you will need to generate an online-account with your personal login-data as a first step. In the next window click "Link to the uni-assist online portal for applicants".

Are you using uni assist online service for the first time? Then please click on "Registration".

Are you already registered with uni assist? Then please log in by clicking on "Login". 

After clicking on a registration button a registration form will open.

Fill in your personal data and then click "REGISTER WITH US". Do not forget to enter your uni-assist applicant number if you applied before!
With your personal uni-assist account, you will be able to submit your online application.
Your login data will remain valid for future visits and will allow you to

  • trace your application status,

  • change your priorities or  

  • check the chances of your application; cf. prognosis.

After successful creation of a new account, you will receive an email with a personal activation link. Please make sure to activate your account within 48 hours.

Check your spam mail folder to avoid deleting the e-mail.

From now on, you will be able to access the uni-assist platform with your individual password using this link.

STEP 2: How to create and submit the ECE application

After login in, click on the link "BASIC QUESTIONS" and fill in the form. You have to go to every point of this list and fill in at least the requiered fields marked with a star (*).

After the form for your personal data, uni-assist will ask you about your secondary school certificate. First the information about the country is needed and afterwards you have to give the name of the certificate. If you do not find the name of your certificate in the list, please enter the name in the last row.

After that you need to give the information related to your bachelor study.

After giving all the requiered information an overview of your data will appear which you have to confirm:

After the confirmation of your personal data you can search for the ECE Master program by giving the following information

  • the semester you want to apply for: summer semester 2014 (beginning of studies in march/april)

  • the desired qualification: Master

  • the university: Kassel, Universität Kassel

  • the academic field: Communication Technology

The following site will appear where you have to click on the "Electrical Communication Engineering".

On the next site you have to choose in which semester you want to start, which should be "1" and to press "CREATE APPLICATION".

After creating the application you have to go through a chain of steps in order to have a complete application. In each step you have to give detailed information about previous studies, language skills, etc. and you can upload files like a curriculum vitae, certificates, etc. In between you can save the current status of your application.

Note that the PDF file contains your applicant number which identifies your application.

In the penultimate step you have to print your application in order to send a signed hardcopy of your application form including authenticated copies of your certificates to uni-assist.

You have to save the file for later use (cf. comments below for submission of hard copy application documents)!

In the last step confirm that you have read all the important notices and information and click "SUBMIT ONLINE".

Print out the PDF file of your application form, sign it and submit it together with authenticated copies of your certificates to uni-assist to the following postal adress:

University of Kassel
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

STEP 3: How to transfer the processing fees

The processing fees (cf. e-mail sent to you by uni-assist for the amount) can be transferred to the bank account which is given in the screenshot below.

STEP 4: Confirmation of ability to cover expenses via e-mail

As the last step, you have to confirm that you are able to cover expenses for the ECE program studies. To this end, visit our web site How to Cover Expenses and send confirmation e-mail as indicated there, including your uni-assist applicant number in the PDF file you received in the e-mail subject.

Note: We cannot accept your application without the aforementioned confirmation e-mail!

STEP 5: What happens next?

Upon reception of your application documents and transfer of the processing fees, uni-assist will check the formal criteria for eligibility for the ECE program. Given you are eligible, the application is forwarded to the ECE admission board of the University of Kassel which will check the compliance of the application with the ECE program requirements. In case of acceptance, you will be informed via e-mail about the next steps.