M3: Implementation Methods

In connection with the design proposals, the application design has to be implemented in concrete realization. As a methodical support the model-driven software development could be considered. Here a widely automatized transformation of the different application models is realized.
In the last years applicant Geihs has used this procedure several times successfully in different application scenarios (mobile adaptive systems, software for soccer robots, service oriented architectures).

In M3 fundamental concepts of automatized transformation of domain specific models should be analyzed. Due to restrictions on time and capacity VENUS cannot deliver the complete methodological integration but has to be satisfied with a preliminary research. 

This also means that the VENUS-demonstrators are produced partially manually and user interfaces are transcribed proto-typically and still cannot use the complete implementation support in the form of model transformations and tools. The further development towards an automatized software development in the sense of model driven architecture should be intensively investigated in the following collaborative research center. Therefore in M3 the following issues are to be investigated:

  • the compatibility of the perspective application models,
  • the procedure in principles at the transformation and integration of the applications models
  • the generation of test points and test cases within the modeling and implementation of the software.