RF3: Laboratory

Research Field 3: Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Technology Design

The aim of VENUS is to work out conceptual-theoretical foundations as well as to demonstrate the validity and feasibility of the concepts. Simultaneously with the analysis of the problems of context processing, knowledge processing, adaptation in UC and the further development and integration of theory and method of interdisciplinary technology design in the first two years, the building of the laboratory for interdisciplinary technology design will take place. In the third year, it is used for tests and simulation studies. This is the first time a laboratory of this kind will be set up, and in indeed will become a figurehead for VENUS.

It integrates the actual methods and technical endowments of the applicants to a common experimental field in which the interdisciplinary scientists can design, implement, demonstrate and evaluate the innovative applications of UC from the perspective of technology and social compatibility.

Research Field 3 consists of three sub-projects. The networking between the computer scientists and the other disciplines is made concrete in this field by a common laboratory. Furthermore, the activities for this networking are strengthened at a personnel level by the new junior professorship "software engineering for ubiquitous computing applications". It supports the design and the development of the demonstrators and the planned investigations and experiments that are useful to evaluate the interdisciplinary aspects of the new "Kassel Methodology".

Furthermore, the committee "laboratory" within the Research Field 3 stands for the common planning of laboratory design and an adequate coordination of the laboratory activities with the results from the Research Fields 1 and 2.