Committee 4: Organization, public relations and transfer

In addition to and overlapping to the three committees, the committee 4 "Organization, public relations and transfer" is needed. It covers finance, personnel planning, controlling of progress and milestones of the sub-projects and research fields . The speaker of this committee is contact partner for the financial planning and administration of the whole research cluster. C 4 is responsible for the planning and execution of regular general meetings of all VENUS-members and the planning and execution of a coordinated and effective public relations and marketing of the activities and results of VENUS. It is responsible for the planning and execution of scientific meetings and public colloquia on which the results of VENUS are presented to a broader public. Furthermore, the C4 committee is supporting the organization of the scientific workshop SUBICO which takes place annually in the context of the "Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik". SUBICO is organized by members of VENUS and offers a scientific forum for researchers working on subjects that are related to the VENUS research areas.