Dr. Stefan Niemczyk

Picture of Dr. Stefan  Niemczyk


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  • NICER: The LOEWE research cluster NICER (Networked Infrastructureless Cooperation for Emergency Response) is exploring how infrastructureless information and communications technology can establish links between people in the event of a crisis, thus enabling them to work together to overcome the crisis.
  • Carpe Noctem Cassel: The purpose of Carpe Noctem Cassel is to provide a sophisticated testbed for the Distributed Systems Research Group and to give students the opportunity to get first-hand experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Therefore, the team participates in international tournaments of the RoboCup Research Foundation. Team Member since 2007

Past Projects:

  • VENUS: The goal of VENUS is to explore the design process of future networked, ubiquitous systems, which are characterized by situation awareness and self-adaptive behavior. Thus, the project focuses on the interactions between the new technology, the individual user and the society. The goal of VENUS is the creation of a comprehensive interdisciplinary development methodology for the design of ubiquitous computing systems.