Carpe Noctem Cassel is the robotic soccer team of the Distributed Systems Research Group of the University of Kassel. Since 2005, its year of establishment, the team participates in international tournaments of the RoboCup Research Foundation.

The purpose of the team is to provide a sophisticated testbed for the Distributed Systems Research Group and to give students the opportunity to get first-hand experience in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

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Our equipement is on the way already...

Hi, we are excited that we are able to visit our friends from Portugal this year again. As you can see, our equipment is already on the way. Typically for us, we sent our complete workshop, i.d., 600Kg in 10 Boxes! See you...[more]

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Registered for the Portuguese Open 2017 (a.k.a. Robotica 2017)

We registered for the MSL Tournament on the Robotica 2017. This tournament is also known as the Portuguese Open and one of our possible tournament participations 2017. We heard that currently 6 teams in total are registered for...[more]

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Winter of Documentation 2016 - Results

The winner of the Carpe Noctem Cassel - Winter of Documentation (CNC-WOD) is Stefan Jakob. He made a comprehensive documentation effort for describing our path planner and its corresponding interfaces. Congratulations! The other...[more]

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Carpe Noctem Cassel Winter of Documentation

Today the Carpe Noctem Cassel Winter of Documentation (CNCWOD) started with the following proposed topics: How to use the CSP Solver?Path PlannerRotation CalibrationDribble CalibrationHow to create a Plan?Doxygen WorkflowCode...[more]

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Current Projects

We are currently working on several bigger project, we want to inform you about. At first there is the new goal keeper. We are at the end of the concept phase and start to build a first prototype step by step. There is still a...[more]

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3rd Place!

We made the 3rd place at the RoboCup European Open 2016. The last match against the ASML Falcons was very challenging. Unfortunately, they had repeatedly problems with their Referee Box connection. Therefore, the referee judged...[more]

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Robocup livestream Games we participate in: Thu, 1 pm, vs CAMBADAThu, 5 pm, vs Tech UnitedFri, 11 am, vs VDL Robot SportsFri, 1 pm, ASML FalconsFri, 5 pm, vs MINHO Team[more]

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