Cooperation of the University of Kassel and the Cairo University

The program is run by three Universities – the University of Kassel (International Homepage), the Cairo University (International Homepage) and the University of Monastir (International Homepage) - in cooperation with institutions and companies in the renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE&EE) sector. All universities bring to the program profound expertise in research and development and capacity building in the field of RE&EE.

Cairo University

Cairo University (CU) was established in Giza in 1908 and currently includes 43 faculties and institutes. Cairo University is currently serving more than 200,000 students and employs about 7,000 faculty members and 4,000 teaching and research assistants. The Faculty of Engineering (FECU) was founded in 1816 and moved to its current location in 1905 and became part of CU in 1935. FECU is among the top ranked engineering institutes in the region and includes 15 scientific departments and programs, 15 independent business units and research centres, and occupies 105,000 square meters in Giza plus a new 90,000 square meters centre on the Sheikh Zayed campus.

The Faculty of Engineering has more than 900 faculty members, 14,000  undergraduate students and 3,000 graduate students. Over 55,000 engineers have graduated in different engineering disciplines. FECU plays a major role in establishing other engineering schools locally and regionally.

Activities in renewable energy:

  • Research on photovoltaic, solar thermal systems, fuel cells, wind power generation and biomass, as well as green building architecture
  • Appraisals for wind farms in the Gulf of Suez
  • Commercial wind farm planning
  • Strategies for local manufacturing of RE equipment
  • Workshops on solar thermal power generation
  • Energy conservation technology, dissemination and auditing
  • Egypt energy survey
  • Egyptian energy conservation code

Pathways to Higher Education is an international initiative located at the Cairo University which is not explicitly linked to RE&EE. However, the initiative provides valuable information and resources on intercultural learning in higher education. Therefore, its experience will be used for enriching the master program by training faculty members in culturally competent teaching methods.

University of Kassel

Founded in 1971, the University of Kassel is the newest university in the state of Hessen. Current enrolment is approximately 25.538 students, including 12,5% of international students.

The university also employs more than 3.265 staff, including 298 professors as well as approximately 1.484 additional academic staff and 1.246 technical and administrative staff. The University of Kassel is an interdisciplinary university with a research-oriented program that focuses on the engineering, natural and social sciences. Several departments have a focus on environmental issues and renewable energies and energy efficiency.

There exists a close co-operation with the
Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE), who is one of the major German research institutes for renewable energies and is also located close to the University of Kassel.

Other strong partners within the University of Kassel are:

Experiences in Capacity Building for RE&EE at ...

.. Cairo University

The Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University looks back on a long tradition of postgraduate diploma concerning renewable energy applications. 10-15 Master of Science theses per year in RE&EE are prepared covering problems in the field of photovoltaic, solar thermal systems, fuel cells, wind power generation and biomass, as well as in green building architecture. The department regularly offers advanced courses in RE&EE taught by specialized internal staff and external experts from the relevant cooperating institutions and authorities working in the field of RE&EE. The close cooperation will be extended as required by implementing the first exclusive master program for RE&EE in Egypt exemplary for the target region. Following projects in other countries will follow.

.. University of Kassel

  • European Master in Renewable Energy, Program of the European Renewable Energy Centre (EUREC), Brussels
    EUREC Agency is the initiator and coordinating agency of the postgraduate program "European Master in Renewable Energy". The european master in RE is directed towards engineers that want to specialise in one of the renewable energy technologies, such as wind energy, biomass energy, photovoltaics, solar building technology or hybrid systems. The course has been set up to satisfy the growing industry demand for renewable energy engineers and is operated in close cooperation with renewables companies.
    This master’s course on renewable energy is organised as a 3-semester program, with core and specialised universities working together to implement the program. The University of Kassel was offering a specialisation on hybrid systems at the department "Rationelle Energiewandlung" (Efficient Energy Conversion, IEE-RE) working closely together with other departments at the University of Kassel and with the "Fraunhofer-Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES)".
    The EUREC program started in 2004 and its accreditation was scheduled for 2008.
    Link: http://www.eurec.be/
  • Master in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency (REE), University of Kassel
    The degree program aims at giving students the possibility of gaining superior competence and qualifications in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency in an interdisciplinary master’s degree. The degree curriculum spans a period of three terms (18 months), including completion of a final thesis. It is opened to students with a prior university degree in a technical or scientific discipline.
    Highlighted topics:

    • Photovoltaic
    • Photovoltaic
    • Biomass utilisation
    • Fluid dynamics (wind- & waterpower)
    • Building service systems
    • Climate and energy efficiency
      As well as:
    • Thermodynamics and heat transfer
    • Electrical engineering and systems engineering
    • Supplementary non-technical subjects
      Link: http://www.energie.uni-kassel.de/


Continuing Education Program: Energy and Environment, University of Kassel

The University of Kassel meets the need of regional and national companies working in the field of RE&EE by offering several in service training programs. Entry requirement is similar to the applied master program a Bachelor of Science in engineering or physics disciplines. So far, there are three directions for specialisation:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy saving in buildings
  • Planning and dimension of RE plants

Apart from the master’s course programs, Kassel has several projects which already aiming to improve the capacity building of RE&EE in the target region.
Link: http://www.uni-kassel.de/e+u/