Alumni Careers

REMENA Batch 8

M.Sc. Ayodeji Adegbenro from Nigeria

  • Company: ZAE Bayern - Renewable Energies
  • Position: Intern

REMENA Batch 7

M.Sc. Sandeep Banodiya from India

  • Company: AE Solar
  • Position: Sales Executive

REMENA Batch 6

M.Sc. Sara El Mergawy from Egypt

M.Sc. Mahmoud Megahed from Egypt

M.Sc. Lama Al Fakhri from Syria

M.Sc. Nour Zoukar from Syria

M.Sc. Mohamed Ali Metwaly from Egypt

  • Company: Younicos AG
  • Field: Energy Storage
  • Position: Commercial Manager

M.Sc. Zaki Farag from Egypt

M.Sc. Mahmoud Hosny from Egypt

M.Sc. Khaled Elmoghazy from Egypt

M.Sc. Matthias Namgalies from Germany

M.Sc. Ahmed Zakaria from Egypt

  • Company: ENERPARC
  • Position: Project Engineer and Business Developer

REMENA Batch 5

M.Sc. Ahmed Ayad from Egypt

  • Company: Dell EMC
  • Position: Associate Delivery Specialist

M.Sc. Juha Rautiainen from Finland

  • Company: Sartorius
  • Position: Junior Software Engineer

M.Sc. Wael Fareed from Egypt

M.Sc. Philipp Nüßlein from Germany

M.Sc. Abdelbari Redouane from Morocco

M.Sc. Mohamed Shehata from Egypt

  • Company: SQS AG
  • Position: Consultant Software Quality Assurance

M.Sc. Augusto Bustamante from Ecuador

M.Sc. Alireza Taheri from Iran

  • Company: ABO Wind
  • Position: Senior Business Development Manager - Middle East/Asia

REMENA Batch 4

M.Sc. Tamer Hanna from Egypt

M.Sc. Mark Ayad from Egypt

M.Sc. Mathias Graunke

M.Sc. Tareq Yahia Zahw from Egypt

M.Sc. Ramy Essam from Egypt

  • Company: Siemens AG / TU Dortmund
  • Position: PhD Student

M.Sc. Mohamed Ouda from Egypt

M.Sc. Adnan Al Akori from Yemen

M.Sc. Aboubakr Attitou from Egypt

M.Sc. Mohammed Al Hiary from Jordan

M.Sc. Mohamed Fathy Kamal from Egypt

M.Sc. Hossam El-Degwi from Egypt

M.Sc. Nurlan Rahimli from Azerbaijan

REMENA Batch 3

M.Sc. Mohamed Shalaby from Egypt

M.Sc. Sara Atef Ewida from Egypt

M.Sc. Adel Subaiea from Yemen

  • Institution: Ministry of Electricity - Renewable Energy Department, Yemen

M.Sc. Ahmed Salama from Egypt

M.Sc. Alaa Alhamwi from Syria

  • Institute: NEXT ENERGY
  • Position: Researcher in the research topic Energy Systems 2050

M.Sc. Mostafa Kamal from Egypt

M.Sc. Mohammed Abdo from Jordan

REMENA Batch 2

M.Sc. Abdulkarim Abdulrazek from Palestine

M.Sc. Rand Alzubi from Jordan

M.Sc. Salma Bakr from Egypt

M.Sc. Hatem Elrefaei from Egypt

M.Sc. Ahmad Mahmud Al Tawafsheh from Jordan

  • Company: CUBE Engineering
  • Position: Project Manager - Renewable Energy Projects / Jordan

M.Sc. Ahmad Yasin from Jordan

M.Sc. Arabi Abdelhaq from Jordan

M.Sc. Martin Haagen from Germany

M.Sc. Noha Saad from Egypt

M.Sc. Christoph Richts from Germany

M.Sc. Fadi Abdulhadi from Jordan

M.Sc. Younis Badran from Palestine

  • Company: Green Power Company
  • Position: Solar Project Coordinator

M.Sc. Laith Basha from Jordan

M.Sc. Ahmad Liqreina from Palestine

M.Sc. Rana Mohsen Hanafy from Egypt

REMENA Batch 1

M.Sc. Rawya Mostafa Abdel Rahman El Shazly from Egypt

M.Sc. Nada E. M. El Solh from Palestine

M.Sc. Frank Philipp from Germany

M.Sc. Aubai AL Khatib from Syria

M.Sc. Fadi Aljawabra from Syria

M.Sc. Ehab Farouk Abd El Aziz from Egypt

Moustafa Shaaban

M.Sc. Moustafa Shaaban from Egypt

M.Sc. Mohamad Jihad Almshkawi from Syria