Uni-Assist Guideline

STEP 1: How to obtain a login account for the uni-assist online-application

Visit the following link http://www.uni-assist.de/online/?lang=en which leads you to the uni-assist website and applicant portal.

If you have not visited the uni-assist application database before and therefore have not previously obtained a password for login, you will need to generate an online account with your personal login data.

Click on REGISTRATION (on the left).

The following page will open. Please fill out the template and click the button at the end “REGISTER WITH US”. Please note: fill out all and accept the terms and conditions!

With your personal uni-assist account, you will be able to submit your online application.
Your login data will remain valid for future visits and will allow you to

  • trace your application status,
  • change your priorities or
  • check the chances of your application; cf. prognosis.

After having filled out the form, the following page will open.

Before you proceed, you have to login into your email account and find the email that uni-assist has just sent you. Click the activation link and directly proceed with further data that have to be indicated by you. From now on, you will be able to access the uni-assist platform with your individual username and password.

If you cannot find your email you may also check your spam mail folder!

STEP 2: How to create and submit the REMENA application

After having completed the form, the following page will open. Please choose the right semester first.

In order to find the REMENA Master program choose “Master” for the second drop-down menu and “Kassel, Universität Kassel” for the third drop-down menu. At the bottom indicate “REMENA”.

The following page will open. Go on by clicking “REMENA” as indicated by the red arrow.

The following page will show up. Leave the data as it is. There is no need to change it.

As to be seen at the top, at this stage you have already created your application successfully. In the following you will have to complete your application.

At next, uni-assist asks for further personal data. Please click the green arrows in order to open the templates. After having filled in all data, go on with the button at the end.


Again, please click the green arrows in order to open the templates. After having filled in all data, go on with the button at the end.

Now, uni-assists allows you to upload your documents; in total you have an upload volume of 100 MB. Please pay attention to the given conditions.


On the next page you are requested to print off your application. This has to be done as written in the box below (red arrow).

This is how your application looks like as a PDF file. Note that the PDF file contains your application number (uni-assist number.) which identifies your application.

Finally, you can submit your online application. Set the checkmark and press “SUBMIT ONLINE”.

Your application has been submitted successfully. Please note though that uni-assist can only start processing your application after having sent the "financial statement email" to remena@uni-kassel.de.

STEP 3: What happens next?

Sending your application in hardcopy format via mail

Print out the PDF file of your application form, sign it and submit it together with authenticated copies of your certificates to uni-assist. Please make sure to indicate the University of Kassel as the first line of the address, as to be seen here:

Universität Kassel
c/o uni-assist e.V.
D-11507 Berlin

Which documents do I need to send to uni‐assist?

  • certified copies of awarded academic degrees
  • certified copies of academic transcripts
  • certified copies of school leaving certificate
  • certified copies of job reference or attestation of employment related to renewable energies in English
  • proof of English proficiency: TOEFL or IELTS or proof of undergraduate studies conducted in English
  • hand-signed letter of motivation
  • 2 letters of recommendation (academic letter of recommendation/professional letter/s of recommendation)
  • hand-signed CV (please use the Europass specimen form at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu)

You do not need to have your certificates translated if they are in English or German language, however, you will need official translations for enrollment at Cairo University.

All application documents must be submitted to uni-assist till the end of the deadline, at the latest.

Please note: without certified copies you cannot be admitted! No exceptions are possible! Do not send originals.

Confirmation of ability to cover expenses via email

As one of the last steps, you have to confirm that you are able to cover the expenses for the REMENA Master program. Visit our web site How to Cover Expenses and send the confirmation email as indicated there, including your application number in the PDF file you received (uni-assist Nr.) .

Please note: We cannot accept your application without the aforementioned confirmation email!