REMENA Booklet

Find our new booklet for download here: REMENA BOOKLET 2018.

May 2016: First issue of REMENA students' batch 9 and 10 magazine "REMENA INK" is online!

Magazine created by REMENA batch 9 and 10 students about REMENA and RE topics: REMENA INK May 2016.

January 14, 2016: ONtv SciTech report features REMENA

(in Arabic from SciTech - ONtv)

"Kooperation mit Hochschulen: Interview mit Anke Aref vom Studiengang REMENA."

An interview on the REMENA online alumni activities and the value of using webinars. Published in the Jahresbericht 2014 ALUMNIPORTAL DeutschlandInterview Anke Aref REMENA Alumniportal-Deutschland Jahresbericht 2014.

REMENA - The movie

Find the REMENA movie here:

(Film by Minke Film)

Studium mit Zukunft

An article of the renowned German journalist Friederike Bauer about the REMENA Master program published on in German and Arabic: Studium mit Zukunft.

REMENA Insight - Special Edition

Magazine created by REMENA batch 5 and 6 students about REMENA and RE topics: REMENA Insight.

When Science meets Culture

Metalog REMENA students batches 4 + 5. See the film produced by Monsef in the framework of the Intercultural Communications Course 2013: "Die Kultur/Culture".

(starring by REMENA students batches 4+5)

REMENA Flyer 2018

Download the latest REMENA flyer: REMENA flyer 2018.

Sun and Wind - In Kassel and Cairo

A report on the REMENA program (in German) published August 2012 in  the DAAD Online Magazine: Sonne und Wind – in Kairo und in Kassel

REMENA Poster March 2014

Download the latest REMENA poster: REMENA poster March 2014.

Introduction of the REMENA Students Batch 3

See the video: Introduction of the REMENA Students Batch 3.

(produced by REMENA students batch 3)

Why REMENA? - REMENA Students Batch 3

See the video: Why REMENA?

(produced by REMENA students batch3)

REMENA students feature in DW-TV report - Egypt: A massive wind power project

See the video: Egypt taps desert winds.

(from "Deutsche Welle -")

Europas Solar-Vision (Radio Report)

Hear the audio: Europas Solar Vision.

(feature on the Desertec project, in German from MDR)

Video about the DESERTEC concept: MARHABA AFRICA - Energy for Europe

See the video: MARHABA AFRICA - Energy for Europe.

(from "Deutsche Welle -")