Embedded Energy Storage Systems

Module Title Embedded Energy Storage Systems
Module Type E
CompetencyStorage systems analysis and sizing
Courses Title Teaching Method SWS Credits Performance requirements/Examination
Storage Systems: Case Studies
lecture, exercise 1 2
  • exam (70%)
  • tutored project defense (30%)
Sizing of Storage Systems lecture, exercise 1 2
Semester summer
Responsible Krichen
Site Sfax
Lecturer(s) Lotfi Krichen
Achraf Abdelkafi
Language English
Workload 30 hours course attendance
40 tutored project
Credits 4
Recommended Qualifications  -
Learning Outcomes a) Storage Systems: Case Studies
After the successful participation in the course Storage Systems: Case Studies the students are able to:
  • understand why we must store in an isolated system,
  • understand why we should store in a system connected to the network,
  • understand at what level we can store,
  • understand the main electrical energy storage technologies.
b) Sizing of Storage Systems
After the successful participation in the course Sizing of Storage Systems the students are able:
  • choose the best electric storage system according to the application,
  • size the chosen electric storage system taking into account the imposed constraints,
  • evaluate the performances of the studied hybrid system.
Contents a) Storage Systems: Case Studies
  • General information on storage systems
  • Study of a hydrogen storage system
  • Super capacitor energy storage system
  • Battery electric storage system
  • Application 1: Electric power generation based on WECS-SC under load disturbance
  • Application 2: BESS for smoothing load power curves in smart grid
b) Sizing of Storage Systems
  • Hydrogen storage system
  • Super capacitor
  • Battery electric storage system
Media Black board and beamer, lectures and presentations, simulation using conventional software packages.
  • Sergio Faias, Jorge Sousa and Rui Castro, Embedded Energy Storage Systems in the Power Grid for Renewable Energy Sources Integration, Intech, 2009,
  • Bernard MULTON, Stockage de l’énergie électrique pour la production décentralisée d’électricité (connecté au réseau ou en site isolé), 2010.
  • Robert Huggins, Energy Storage, Springer 2010.