Wind Energy Technology

Module Title Wind Energy Technology
Module Type E
Analyzing the project management work flow for a wind farm (from the production resp. construction of turbine components to electricity generation and turbine maintenance)
Courses Title Teaching Method SWS Credits Performance requirements/Examination
Mechanical Aspects of Wind Energy
lecture 3 3 written exam
Electrical Aspects of Wind Energy lecture 3 3 written and oral exam
Semester summer
Responsible Dahlhaus
Site Kassel
Lecturer(s) Uwe Ritschel
Siegfried Heier
Language English
Workload 90 hours course attendance
60 hours self-study
Credits 6
Recommended Qualifications  -
Learning Outcomes a) Mechanical Aspects of Wind Energy
After the successful participation in the course Mechanical Aspects of Wind Energy the students are able to:
  • apply their gained knowledge about the design of different wind turbines resp. single components and their material requirements on specific locations
  • identify the optimal location for a planned wind farm and to develop it after analyzing the requirements for construction, logistics and grid connection as well as national standards.
b) Electrical Aspects of Wind Energy
After the successful participation in the course Electrical Aspects of Wind Energy the students are able:
  • distinguish the design of different types of Wind Energy Converter and to analyze their function in different control concepts
  • be aware of different electrical networks and possible problems related with grid integration and grid control
  • apply mathematical models for control system design and plant simulation.
Contents a) Mechanical Aspects of Wind Energy
  • Wind turbine components:
    • different wind turbine designs and their components
    • functional requirements
    • aesthetic criteria
  • Mechanical drive train and machine house:
    • comparison of different design concepts
    • blade adjustment system, rotor brake
    • step up gears, generator coupling tracking of wind direction
  • Machine house design:
    • different gear boxes and mechanical drives
    • needed safety and braking systems
  • Loads and structural demands:
    • static aerodynamic and structural loads on blades and towers
    • dynamic loads on blades and towers
    • extra loads from the mechanical systems connected to the wind turbine
    • modeling to calculate the loads and structural demands
    • mechanical components and control system loads
  • Forces and performance curves for the wind turbine
  • Rotor blades in composite construction:
    • materials, composite material construction
    • rotor blade construction
    • rotor blade connection to the hub
  • Towers and foundation (design and varieties):
    • steel tube towers, concrete tower, lattice tower
    • suitable foundation
  • Planning, installation and operation:
    • planning wind farms
    • developing a Gantt chart to define when the different design / construction / testing and operation will commence
    • legislations for land and environmental operation
    • transport facilitations for wind farm
    • plant erection, testing and operation
    • safety aspects
    • service and maintenance
    • certification of wind power plants
  • Field excursion to German wind farm sites
b) Electrical Aspects of Wind Energy
  • Components and functions of Wind Energy Converter (WEC):
    • main components of wind energy converters
    • rotor blade with pitch drive
    • input torque, generator
    • mechanical drive train
  • Calculation of blade setting and obtaining performance curves
  • Grid integration:
    • different electrical networks
    • grid influences
    • different problems related with grid integration
    • schemes for grid control
  • Control concepts and operational results:
    • island grid operation of WECs
    • grid operation, interconnection operation
  • Control system design and plant simulation:
    • plant components characteristics
    • control systems for the plant operation
    • development of mathematical models for control and simulation
    • dimensioning of the controllers
Media Black board and beamer, power point presentations.
  • S. Heier and R. Waddington, Grid Integration of Wind Energy Conversion Systems, Wiley-Blackwell, 2nd edition, 2006.
  • E. Hau and H. von Renouard, Wind Turbines: Fundamentals, Technologies, Application, Economics, Springer; 2nd edition, 2005.