Language and Presentation

Module Title Language and Presentation
Module Type B
CompetencyImplementing language skills and presentation techniques
Courses Title Teaching Method SWS Credits Performance requirements/Examination
German and Arab Language Courses Cairo
lecture, seminar 3 3 final (oral and written) exam 100%
Presentation and Moderation Techniques
lecture 3 3
  • midterm (40%):
    individual presentation
  • final exam (60%):
    individual and group presentations
Semester winter
Responsible Khalil
Site Cairo
Lecturer(s) Dr. Abdelrahman Nagi/ Dr. Anwar Badawi/ Dr. Basem Schoaib (Arab)
Amal Maghraby / Basma El-Feky/ Iman Saber (German)
Sayed Kaseb
Fouad Khalaf
Language English
Workload 90 hours course attendance
60 hours self-study
Credits 6
Recommended Qualifications -
Learning Outcomes a) German and Arab Language Courses
After the successful participation in the course German and Arab Language Courses Cairo the students are able to:
  • implement basic formulations and expressions of German and Arabic for use in daily life.
b) Presentation and Moderation Techniques
After the successful participation in the course Presentation and Moderation Techniques the students are able to:
  • interpret the concepts of presentation and moderation for efficient meeting organization, discussion and moderation techniques
  • implement presentation and moderation techniques (suitable material, personal presentation, moderation skills) on a professional level.
Contents a) German and Arab Language Courses Cairo
  • Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian dialect (EA):
    • basic reading, writing, and speaking skills
    • solid foundation in formal Arabic grammar (nahu) and morphology (sarf)
    • vocabulary of at least 1000 Arabic daily life words
  • German:
    • basic phrases and short sentences for everyday use
    • technical terms and expressions in electrical engineering and RE
    • basic concepts in High German grammar
b) Presentation and Moderation Techniques
  • Preliminary activities (classifying target groups, determining research topics):
    • types and basic rules of different presentations
    • content structure
    • developing a presentation strategy
    • planning and handling of presentation materials and facilities
    • efficient visualization
  • Advanced presentation and moderation techniques:
    • analyzing personal delivery habits recorded in video
    • training and improving delivery habits
    • training efficient meeting organization
  • Report writing
Media Black board and beamer; introductory class meetings, power point presentations, discussions, practical exercises and video feedback, case studies in groups; formal & interactive.
  • Lecture notes and course material in Arabic and German language courses.
  • J.E. Rudd and D.R. Lawson, Communicating in Global Business Negotiations: A Geocentric Approach, Sage Publications, 2007.
  • C. McNamara, Basic Guide to Conducting Effective Meetings, 2008.
  • J. Rotondo and M. Rotondo Jr., Presentation Skills for Managers, McGraw Hill, 1st edition, 2001.
  • B.J. Streibel, The Manager´s Guide to Effective Meetings, McGraw Hill, 1st edition, 2002.