Thesis Project

Module Title Thesis Project
CompetencyScientific Analysis of a current RE resp. EE issue in the MENA region
Courses Title Teaching Method SWS Credits Performance requirements/Examination
REMENA Master Thesis
independent research 20 30 report and colloquium
Semester winter and summer
Responsible Khalil/Dahlhaus
El Alimi/Dahlhaus
Site Germany, MENA Region, etc.
Lecturer(s) Supervisor from institutions or companies together with supervisor from university.
Language English
Workload 740 hours independent research
160 hours writing thesis
Credits 30
Recommended Qualifications -
Learning Outcomes a) Master thesis
After the successful development of the Master thesis the student is able to:
  • write a scientific report and presentation of results in a colloquium
  • investigate literature and internet based sources
  • work independently and scientifically.
Contents a) Master Thesis
  • Topics in the area of renewable energies and energy efficiency with a specific focus on issues related to the MENA region
  • Independent work including:
    • literature research
    • definition of thesis structure
    • elaboration of report
    • conducting measurements etc.
Media PC based software development and/or hardware development, beamer (presentation of results), report (electronic form and hard copy).
Literature Literature depends on the thesis topic and is to be gathered by the student upon discussion with the supervisor.