28.05.2019 18:00

Newly Published Chinese Book on Higher Education and the Changing World of Work

Teichler, Ulrich: Gāoděng jiàoyù yù biànhuà de láodònglì shìchǎng (Higher Education and the Changing World of Work). Edited by Yanhua Bao und Li Guo. Beijing: Science Press 2019.

In this volume Ulrich Teichler analyzes a broad range of issues on the relationships between higher Education and the world of work.  This collection of essays, edited and translated by Yanhua Bao und Li Guo (both Beihang University, Beijing) deals with key themes like the tensions between “employment” and “work” orientation in higher education; the dynamics of the variety of students, the patterns of the higher education system and the horizontal and vertical diversity of careers; different notions of higher education and the world of work among countries; major controversial notions of professional relevance of study in policy and research debates.