The Center for Environmental Systems Research is an interdisciplinary research institution of the University of Kassel, which cuts across but is linked to different university faculties and other German research institutions.

The main aims of the Center are:

  • To carry out cutting-edge research in environmental systems and sustainability

  • To train and advance a new generation of environmental scientists

  • To provide innovative education in environmental systems science and related fields

The goal of the Center’s research program is to improve understanding about the functioning of environmental systems, the underlying causes of environmental problems, and how society interacts with the natural environment.  Its research aims to develop strategies to support sustainability and avert future problems, and enable society to adapt to unavoidable systems changes. The Center takes a unique interdisciplinary, problem-oriented, and systems-based approach to its research.  It develops and uses systems methods such as global and regional modelling, agent-based modeling, industrial metabolism analysis, and qualitative/quantitative scenario analysis.

The Center’s research activities are being carried out in four Research Groups: