Doctoral candidates

The Doctorate Office is responsible for the formal doctorate procedure. The employees in the Doctorate Office organise everything from registration of the doctoral thesis to the issuing of the doctorate certificate.

Jutta Salzmann

Doctorate Office
Address Promotionsgeschäftsstelle
Mönchebergstr. 19
34125 Kassel
Telephone +49 561 804-2170
E-mail address
Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 1 - 3pm. Please call outside of our office hours.

Visitors: Campus Center, Moritzstr. 18, Room 3143

Network of doctoral candidates: Mailing list

You will receive relevant information on further and continuing education, invitations to bid and meetings via the "doctorate" mailing list. You can also send information which is of interest to other doctoral candidates via the mailing list. Register here:

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