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General Provisions for Doctorate Examination

Below we have listed a few important documents relating to doctorate study:
The doctorate examination procedure is regulated in the General Provisions for Doctorate Examination at the University of Kassel. There are also departmental provisions which regulate the specifics of doctorate study in the individual subjects. You can find these on our website:

Registration for a doctorate

To register for a doctorate please submit the completed application form (Doktortitel) with all of the necessary documents (cf. fourth page of the application form) to the Doctorate Office.

Employees on qualifying positions receiving federal funding and third party funding have to submitt the application including the exposé by the end of the first year of their contract.

Enrollment (not compulsory)

The doctoral candidate can be enrolled as a student and thereby has all of the rights and obligations (student service fees, health insurance) of a full-time student. Enrollment for the summer semester is possible by 10 May and for the winter semester by 10 November.

Enrollment via ecampus.

The Supervision Agenda for Doctoral Students/Annual Appraisal

From 1 October, the supervision agenda for each doctorate project must be agreed, no later than the point at which the candidate is accepted as a doctoral candidate. The completion of a supervision agenda is to be communicated by sending a copy of the first page of the original to the dean's office and the Doctorate Office. You can find further provisions in Resolution P/309 of 22 January 2018 on the supervision Agenda. You can find more information on the supervision timetable for doctoral candidates here: Guidelines for the Agreement on a Supervision Agenda.

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