Kassel Graduate Programme

Kassel Graduate Programme is an interdisciplinary further training programme. It contains offers for preparation for and supporting in academic qualification work, but it also includes offers on development of competences at university as a workplace as well as orientation with regard to further career steps in science, industry and society.

Kassel Graduate Programme is structured as a modular programme, courses of which are offered by various sections of the University of Kassel.

In order to obtain a certificate of completion one has to complete at least 60 points (60 hours).

Kassel Graduate Programme consists of three phases:

  • Entrance phase (Einstiegsphase)
  • Qualification phase (with five competence fields) (Qualifizierungsphase (mit fünf Kompetenzfeldern))
  • Completion phase (Abschlussphase)


Target group

Kassel Graduate Programme is open to interested doctoral candidates and postdocs from all faculties.  

Workshops of entrance phase "Exposé schreiben" and "Promovieren A–Z" (or equivalent workshop in English "PhD in Kassel") are also open to Master students.