As a supervisor of a doctoral thesis, you are responsible for introducing young academics to research in accordance with the rules of good academic practice. You supervise them through the doctorate phase, support their participation in expert conferences and colloquia and point the candidates along their career paths.

The Supervision Agenda for Doctoral Students

From 1 October, the supervision agenda for each doctorate project must be agreed, no later than the point at which the candidate is accepted as a doctoral candidate. The completion of a supervision agenda is to be communicated by sending a copy of the first page of the original to the dean's office and the Doctorate Office. You can find further provisions in Resolution P/309 of 22 January 2018 on the supervision Agenda. You can find more information on the supervision timetable for doctoral candidates here: Guidelines for the Agreement on a Supervision Agenda.

Literature tip: "Shaping a Doctorate Together"

STIBET Scholarships for Foreign PhD Candidates from Partner Universities

The STIBET programme also offers scholarships for foreign PhD candidates from partner universities. Professors acting as mentors/supervisors can extend an invitation to the University of Kassel to foreign graduate students for a maximum of three months. The so-called "Kontaktstipendium" amounts to € 500 per month.


  • Consent of the mentor/supervisor
  • Partnership Agreement with the university of the applicant

Financial Support

  • € 500 per month for a maximum of 3 months

Application Documents

  • Letter of motivation (by the mentor)
  • Description of the PhD project (one page)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of the intended duration of stay
  • Attachment


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Ensure Good Academic Practice

The job of the Committee to Ensure Good Academic Practice is to clarify any issues of suspected academic misconduct in accordance with the "Principles of Ensuring Good Academic Practice at the University of Kassel" in the version of 10 November 2010.

Prizes for doctorates

If the dissertation is completed within a certain period of time, the supervising field is granted a prize.

In accordance with the concept of the promotion of junior academics of 2012, the field of a supervisor under whose supervision a doctorate receiving federal funding is completed in less than four years receives a prize of (currently) EUR 3,000. This incentive system also applies to recipients of grants from the Otto Braun Fund and graduate funding at the university. It is based on the model of a three-year doctorate phase for grant recipients and the model of a four-year doctorate phase for doctorates receiving federal funding and third party funding.

The prize can be used to support publication, for participation in conferences or for other staff development measures. It is also possible to support a postdoctoral phase for the employee who has successfully completed the doctorate with the aim of acquiring external funding.


Procedure for applying for the prize

After completion of the doctorate, the prize can be requested from the HR department. No form is required for this. Completion of the doctorate is deemed to mean submission of the dissertation and receipt of the first assessment.
The prize is related to the person. The application will be checked in the HR department and the prize then awarded to the cost centre indicated.

The application is to be submitted to department III D with the following information:

  • the exact activity dates/grant dates for the doctoral candidate,
  • the date of submission of the thesis,
  • the provision of the first assessment and
  • (only where available) the viva examination date.