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Seeing the bigger picture through interdisciplinary environmental education: that is what the Graduate Center for Environmental Research and Education (GradZ) at the University of Kassel stands for. Both PhD candidates and Master students benefit from a profound graduate training free of charge, access to valuable networks and support in pursuing their scientific careers.

GradZ is one of two Graduate Centers at the University of Kassel. It serves as an umbrella institution for six faculties and one Scientific Center. Currently, GradZ comprises 14 Master and two doctoral programs, all related to the environmental field. This stresses the Center's interdisciplinary orientation as well as its attempt to link graduate training for Master students and PhD candidates. Thanks to its wide-ranging, cross-disciplinary educational program, GradZ promotes the acquisition of interdisciplinary competencies and skills.

What We Have to Offer

"UmweltWissen" Certificate

GradZ offers Master students and PhD candidates of the University of Kassel the opportunity to acquire the so-called "UmweltWissen" ("environmental knowledge") certificate. This advanced training certificate is available to all master students as well as to PhD candidates whose research is embedded in an environmental context. Anyone interested in receiving the certificate has to take part in at least two events organized by GradZ, such as environmentally-relevant workshops, excursions or conferences. In addition, all aspirants are obliged to present their thesis in front of other participants and take courses offered by GradZ. The "UmweltWissen" certificate offers participants the opportunity to demonstrate additional knowledge which exceeds the regular requirements of their curricula, and an increased sensitivity for current and prospective environmental topics. PhD candidates get the chance to acquire additional knowledge about certain environmentally-relevant research questions that are linked to their own research, and to attend extra-curricular courses to expand their area of expertise.

Altogether, there are three different types of certificates:

  • The certificate UmweltWissen: Essentials (UW:G)
  • The certificate UmweltWissen: Social Sciences (UW:S)
  • The certificate UmweltWissen: Natural Sciences and Engineering (UW:NI)

Additional information on the certificates "UmweltWissen"can be found in our brochure "Mehr Wissen lohnt sich!" (available in German only).

Click here for registration and here for the certificates' course guides.

Aktuelle Veranstaltungen des GradZ

Stammtisch der Promovierenden und Masterstudierenden im Bereich Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsforschung, aktuelle Infos unter www.uni-kassel.de/go/kungfu 


"Fachexkursion zum Forschungszentrum Jülich" mit Fachbeiträgen des Instituts für Energie- und Klimaforschung und des Instituts für Pflanzenwissenschaften sowie zum Braunkohletagebau Garzweiler II, unterstützt vom BUND, vom 06.12.2018, Impressionen hier>>>