The International Centre for Higher Education Research-Kassel

INCHER-Kassel is an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Kassel. Since its establishment in 1978, higher education research at INCHER-Kassel has been combining a broad range of themes and disciplines in addressing the relationships between higher education and its social context. Besides its research projects, INCHER puts a strong emphasis on the support of PhD students and their academic careers. 


  1. On wednesday, the 16th of January at 5 p.m., the INCHER research colloquium takes place on the topic "Big Data and Higher Education".[more]

  2. The 32nd annual CHER Conference will take place in Kassel from 28 to 30 August. The topic of the conference is `Theories and Methods in Higher Education Research´[more]

  3. Regelmäßig berichtet das INCHER-Kassel in seinem newsletter "INCHER-update" über institutionelle Entwicklungen, Forschungsprojekte, Veranstaltungen, Publikationen und vieles mehr. Heft 40 ist jetzt online. [more]

  4. Teichler, Ulrich (2018): Der studentische Protest der 1960er Jahre und die Entstehung der Hochschulforschung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. In: die hochschule 27 (1-2), S. 179–203.[more]

  5. Müller, Lars: On the relationship between student dropout and migration background: the role of high school performance and student engagement, ZeHf – Zeitschrift für empirische Hochschulforschung, 2-2018, p. 97-119. [more]

  6. Competition in Higher Education: Myth and Reality Dr. Jelena Brankovic (Faculty of Sociology, University of Bielefeld) Competition, as a term to refer to a struggle of sorts between higher education institutions, students...[more]

  7. Newly published:
    vom 28.11.2018

    Baumann, Janosch; Krücken, Georg (2018): Debated Legitimacy: Accreditation in German Higher Education. Online First 24 November 2018. In: Higher Education Policy.[more]

  8. Am 26. November 2018 erreichte uns die traurige Nachricht, dass Gabriele Freidank, die ehemalige Leiterin der INCHER-Spezialbibliothek und Dokumentation, gestorben ist. [more]

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