The International Centre for Higher Education Research-Kassel

INCHER-Kassel is an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Kassel. Since its establishment in 1978, higher education research at INCHER-Kassel has been combining a broad range of themes and disciplines in addressing the relationships between higher education and its social context. Besides its research projects, INCHER puts a strong emphasis on the support of PhD students and their academic careers. 


  1. Professor Harry Hermanns, der in den 1980er Jahren Mitglied des Wissenschaftlichen Zentrums für Berufs- und Hochschulforschung war, ist am 11. November 2019 verstorben.[more]

  2. Seidenschnur, Tim (2019): The Logic of Innovation. A Study on the Narrative Construction of Intrapreneurial Groups in the Light of Competing Institutional Logics. Historical Social Research 44 (4): 222-249[more]

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  4. Pedro Pineda, Jorge Celis & Lina Rangel (2019): The worldwide spread of peace education: discursive patterns in publications and international organisations. In: Globalisation, Societies and Education, Published online: 15 Sep...[more]

  5. Die Gesellschaft für Hochschulforschung (GfHf) verleiht im Rahmen ihrer 15. Jahrestagung 2020 zum 13. Mal die von Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Teichler gestifteten Nachwuchspreise. Einreichungen bis spätestens 12. Januar 2020.[more]

  6. Auch in diesem Wintersemester lädt das INCHER-Kassel wieder zu Vorträgen zu Themen der Hochschulforschung ein. [more]

  7. The article analyses the effects of institutional stratification in higher education systems on graduates’ wages in engineering fields in Germany and Korea. [more]

  8. Ulrich Teichler (2019) Bologna and student mobility: a fuzzy relationship, Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, DOI: 10.1080/13511610.2019.1597685 [more]

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