The International Centre for Higher Education Research-Kassel

INCHER-Kassel is an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Kassel. Since its establishment in 1978, higher education research at INCHER-Kassel has been combining a broad range of themes and disciplines in addressing the relationships between higher education and its social context. Besides its research projects, INCHER puts a strong emphasis on the support of PhD students and their academic careers. 


  1. Today, starts the 2017 Summer School in Higher Education Research and Science Studies organized by INCHER-Kassel.[more]

  2. The Summer School in Higher Education Research and Science Studies hosted at INCHER-Kassel starts today. At 2. p.m. Christoph Grimpe (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) gives an opening public keynote on "Joint Search and the...[more]

  3. By Johannes König, Thomas Brenner, and Guido Bünstorf[more]

  4. Professor Volker Stocké, Mitglied im Direktorium des INCHER-Kassel, ist am 22. August 2017 plötzlich und unerwartet verstorben. Die Mitteilung von seinem Tod hinterlässt alle, die ihn kannten, tief bestürzt.[more]

  5. New Themes in Institutional Analysis. Topics and Issues from European Research. Edited by Georg Krücken, Carmelo Mazza, Renate E. Meyer and Peter Walgenbach [more]

  6. Jetzt online: INCHER-update Nr. 38[more]

  7. Jungblut, Jens; Vukasovic, Martina (2017): Not all markets are created equal: re-conceptualizing market elements in higher education. In: Higher Education. (online first: 05.08.2017)[more]

  8. Otto Hüther und Stefan Kirchner: Kritische Masse oder Wettbewerb? Die Entwicklung des Anteils der Professorinnen an deutschen Hochschulen im Zeitraum von 1992-2014. Online-Publikation. Kassel, INCHER-Kassel 2017[more]

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