24.11.2020 16:39

Invitation to INCHER’s series of talks on higher education research topics in winter term 2020/2021

INCHER-Kassel regularly invites to public colloquia and brown bag lunches followed by discussions. We will start on November, 17th, 2020, with a brown bag lunch. Please note: From November on, due to the Corona Pandemic, most of our events will be held online via ZOOM. Please contact for access to the ZOOM meetings

We will start on November, 17th, 2020, with a brown bag lunch (12.00/noon) held by Dr Igor Asanov (INCHER-Kassel) on Showing life opportunities: Assessing the effectiveness of online education.

ZOOM event: Please contact for access to the ZOOM meeting

The next colloquia and brown bag lunches are:

November, 25th, 2020, (18.00 /6.p.m.)
Bias and careers: Evidence from the aid effectiveness literature
Dr. Katarina Zigova (more...)

December, 3rd, 2020, (18.00 /6 p.m.)
Early bridges - The impact of interdisciplinarity and novelty on young academics
Professor Dr. Raphael Heiko Heiberger (more...)

December, 3rd, 2020, (12.00 /noon) Brown-bag-Lunch:
Systematic reviews: Research methodology and publication potential
Dr. Shweta Mishra and Alexandra Hertwig (more..)

December, 16th, 2020, (18.00 /6 p.m.): The effect of labor market integration on knowledge diffusion and inventor productivity
Dr. Rainer Widmann (more...)

December, 13th, 2021  (18.00 /6 p.m.): Quitters: What drives exits from entrepreneurial teams?
Professor Dr. Hanna Hottenrott (more...)

January, 21th, 2021 (12.00 /noon)  Brown-bag-Lunch: Jenseits von NPM: Ein neues Paradigma der Hochschulgovernance?
Professor Dr. Bernd Kleimann (more..)

February, 3rd, 2021, (18.00 /6 p.m.): Gender diversity in academia: Does it matter for research outcomes?
Professor Mathias Wullum Nielsen (more...)

February, 10th, 2021, (18.00 /6 p.m.): Where do women earn more than men? Explaining regional differences in the Gender Pay Gap
Dr. Michaela Fuchs (more...)