28.08.2017 12:45

New volume edited by Georg Krücken et al. addresses Institutional Theory from a European perspective

New Themes in Institutional Analysis. Topics and Issues from European Research. Edited by Georg Krücken, Carmelo Mazza, Renate E. Meyer and Peter Walgenbach

Institutional theory has become one of the dominant organizational approaches in recent decades. Its roots can be traced to Europe, and an important intellectual objective of this book is to examine North American theory strands and reconnect them with European research traditions. In addition, this book focuses on how organizations and individuals handle heterogeneous and challenging social conditions which are subsequently reflected in various forms of change.

In particular, the book:

• sheds light on neo-institutionalism from a European perspective

• examines neo-institutionalism in North American sociological and organizational theories and (re-)connects them with European research traditions

• explores novel and innovative methodologies to analyse institutions

• analyses institutional and organizational change

• links micro- and macro-approaches to institutions

• reconnects organizational institutionalism with sociological theories.

Finally, the book includes an afterword by John Meyer which is intended to stimulate further discussion. New Themes in Institutional Analysis will appeal to students and academics in organization, management, and institutionalism.