09.04.2013 16:44

Newly published: The Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Europe

TEICHLER, Ulrich; HÖHLE, Ester Ava (eds.): The Work Situation of the Academic Profession in Europe: Findings of a Survey in Twelve Countries. Dordrecht: Springer (The Changing Academy - The Changing Academic Profession in International Comparative Perspective, 8). This book presents unique information about conditions, views and activities of higher education teachers and researchers in different stages of the academic career in twelve European countries.


Higher education in Europe has experienced a substantial change in recent years: Expansion progresses further, the expectation to deliver useful contributions of knowledge to the “knowledge society” is on the rise, and efforts to steer academic work through external forces and strong international management are more widespread than ever.

Representative surveys of the academic profession in twelve European countries show how professors and junior staff at universities and other institutions of higher education view the role of higher education in society and their professional situation and how they actually shape their professional tasks. Academics differ across Europe substantially in their employment and working conditions, their views and their activities. Most of them favour the preservation of a close link between teaching and research and feel responsible for both theory and practice. Most consider efforts to enhance academic quality and social relevance as compatible. The overall satisfaction with their professional situation is rather high. 


Befragten meinen, dass die Bemühungen, wissenschaftliche Qualität zu steigern und die Forderung nach mehr gesellschaftlicher Relevanz vereinbar sind. Die allgemeine Zufriedenheit mit der beruflichen Situation ist verhältnismäßig hoch.