29.05.2013 10:00

Three new publications on the topic of knowledge transfer and innovation

Guido Bünstorf, Matthias Geissler and Stefan Krabel are authors or co-authors of three journal articles on the topic of knowledge transfer and innovation and relationships between public research and industry. The articles are linked here - please note, thatthe use is limited to research and teaching only.

BÜNSTORF, Guido; GEISSLER, Matthias (2012). Not invented here: technology licensing, knowledge transfer and innovation based on public research. In. Guido Buenstorf, Uwe Cantner, Horst Hanusch, Hans-Walter Lorenz und Fritz Rahmeyer (Eds.): The two Sides of Innovation. Special Issue. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 22 (3), S. 481–511.

BÜNSTORF, Guido; SCHACHT, Alexander (2012): We need to talk – or do we? Geographic distance and the commercialization of technologies from public research.  Research Policy (August). Online

PERKMANN, Markus; TARTARI, Valentina; MCKEVELEY, Maureen; AUTIO, Erkko; BROSTRÖM, Anders; D’Este, Pablo; FINI, Riccardo; GEUNAE, Aldo; GRIMALDI, Rosa; HUGHES, Alan; KRABEL, Stefan; KITSON, Michael; LLERENA, Patrick; LISSONI, Franceso; SALTER, Ammon; SOBRERO, Maurizio: Academic engagement and commercialisation: A review of the literature on university–industry relations. Research Policy 42 (2013), S. 423– 442.