General procedure of the publishing and production process

Printed Version

  • The author/editor receives an offer and decides to publish with
    kassel university press
  • Conclusion of the contract (agreement on the publication features and the numbers of copies to be printed)
  • At the same time receipt of the ready-for-press draft as a PDF or PostScript file, in exceptional cases as a Word file
  • Checking of the file and, if necessary, corrections by the author
  • Allocation of ISBN and imprint; cover design by the publisher
  • Simultaneous creation of the cover as a PDF file, subsequent proof copy
  • Checking of the proof copy and printing release by the author, if there were any corrections, another proof copy can be made
  • Publication production
  • Delivery of the authors’ copies
  • If the publication is a doctoral thesis written at the University of Kassel, the six presentation copies will be handed in to the lbrary's exchange service and dissertation office
  • Entry in the list of books in print, by the book wholesaler's Libri and KNV, Amazon, Amazon Search Inside, Google Book Search etc.


  • Editing of the PDF file by the publisher
  • Creation of the front page
  • Generally, the publication is published online at the same time when the print copies are delivered. If desired, it can be published beforehand. 
  • According to the agreement delivery to Google Book Search, Amazon Search Inside, other databases etc.