Application forms, project management

Here you can find forms, documents and calculation tools for funding applications, contract designs and management of projects with partners in Central and Eastern Europe.

A. Bilateral Projects

1. Сost Сalculations

2. Application

  • Project application draft [de]
  • German Research Foundation (DFG) 
    • Proposal Preparation Instructions - Project Proposals [en] [de]
    • Research grants application guide [de]

3. Partners, Rankings

4. Cooperation Agreement

  • Draft contract / Letter of Intent [de] [en]

B. European Projects

1. Overviews and Guidelines

    • Erasmus + Programme Guide [en]
    • Daily allowances/ staff costs TEMPUS
    • Travel costs TEMPUS
    • Definition of the European Commission for SME from 01.10.2005. [de] [en]
    • EUROGRANT: From idea to project application - 10 Tips for a successful application [de]
    • Guidance for Russian research manager [ru]
    • Handbook for Russian and European Researchers and Research Managers [en]
    • Flat rates for daily allowances [en]
    • Financial Viability Self-Check [en]
    • IOF Model contract Marie Curie Fellows [en] [de]
    • Guide to successful communication [en]
    • Database IATE (InterActiveTerminology for Europe): Access to EU-related terminology in 23 official languages of the EU
    • List of EU-consultants at German universities [de]
    • europass - free service of the European Commission which helps to provide a clear picture of individual qualifications, skills and competences in a comprehensive form [de] [en]

2. HORIZON 2020 Funding Programme

    • Guidance in establishing a consortium agreement [en]
    • Horizon 2020 Reference Documents [en]
    • Participant Portal H2020 Online Manual [en]
    • H2020: List of countries, and applicable rules for funding [en]
    • Example of administrative forms and template for the technical annex for proposals for Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Innovation Actions (IA) [en]
    • Example of administrative forms and template for the technical annex for proposals for Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) [en]
    • Documents related to project proposals in HORIZON 2020 [de]
    • Guidance - Establishing a consortium agreement [en]
    • Guide for Grant Agreement Preparation [en]
    • Guide to IP in Horizon 2020 [en]
    • National Contact Points of the German Federal Government for HORIZON 2020 [de]
    • HORIZON 2020 key terms [de]