20.05.2015 12:03

Would they succeed if they tried?! An analysis of the role of self-assessment in educational transitions

Invitation to a lecture by visiting scholar Tamás Keller, June 9th, 5 p.m. (c.t.) at INCHER-Kassel, Mönchebergstr. 17, University of Kassel. Tamás Keller, Humboldt fellow from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, presents his findings on the relationship between preceived individual ability and educational choice.

In his lecture Tamás Keller focuses on the status gap in educational decisions. The role of perceived ability (self-assessment) is analysed in the transitions to secondary and to tertiary education. It will be argued that class differences in self-assessment might be connected to pupils’ information about the role of ability and effort in education. Having inaccurate information, low-status pupils usually give lower estimations of their abilities than do their equally able high-status peers. This difference could act as a self-fulfilling prophecy and might provide greater insight into why adolescents with disadvantaged status are reluctant to choose demanding education.