PhD Alumni

Universidade Estadual de Campinas


PhD Title

Ricardo Cifuentes

Conditional cash transfers and the job market: possibilities and limits for integrating public policies

Pedro Henrique Evangelista Duarte

Neoliberal dependent accumulation patterns and workforce superexploitation in Brazil (completed: 2015)

Lygia Sabbag Fares Gibb

The dissolution of standard working time (completed: 2017)

Cheng Li

Analysis of feasible policies as response to the transitional and post labour surplus economy

Juliana Moreira

The contradictions of Brazilian social policy

University of Cape Coast


PhD Title

John Oti Amoah

Social protection and rural livelihoods in the Wa West District of Ghana: A gender analysis (completed: 2018)

Frederick Koomson

Social capital and rural agricultural development in Ghana (completed: 2015)

Moses Segbenya

Informality and organizing among stone quarry workers in the central region of Ghana (completed: 2020)



Youth enetreneurship in the informal economy in Ghana: the role of human and social capital

Egerton University


PhD Title

Noah Kibet

Risk attitudes towards private standards and effects on household welfare (completed: 2019)

Jonah Muthui

Nutritive value, bio-economics and biotechnological intervention in alternative pig feed use and producers' decent work deficits in Kenya (completed: 2018)

Jane Sawe

Evaluation of urban dairy farming and its contribution to decent work in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya

Thomas Ogola

Rural-urban linkages for trade in dairy milk: Market chain analysis in dairy milk

University of Agriculture Faisalabad


PhD Title

Muhammad Asif Raza

Prevalence of intestinal parasites in small ruminants and their sensitivity to treatments with ethnobotanical remedies in Cholistan, Pakistan (completed: 2013)

Sabah Saleem

International return migrants in rural areas of Pakistan

Sami Ul-Allah

Towards a water and nutrient efficient forage production in semi-arid regions of Pakistan (completed: 2013)

University of Kassel


PhD Title

Oksana Balashova

The role of trade unions in enforcing social and labor rights for domestic workers: The case of Ukrainian migrant workers in Italy

Joaquín Bernáldez

The political ecology of fracking in Argentina

Juana Torres Cierpe

Identity factors among Honorarios employees in the Chilean public sector (completed: 2019)

Ellen Ehmke

Welfare development in developing countries: Evidence from recent Indian social security reforms (completed: 2016)

Jorge Enrique Forero

The passive revolution of good living: Class struggle and productive transformation policy in Ecuador, 2007-2017 (completed: 2020)

Fatima Ghayoor

Diversity and nutritional variation in Pakistani dates: Implications for sustainable value chain and decent living perspectives of rural households (completed: 2016)

Luciana Hachmann

Pursuing a democratic developmental state trade agenda in a neo-liberal context: Worker´s Party (PT) and African National Congress (ANC) in comparison (completed: 2014)

Saadia Hanif

A study on the comparative sustainability of dairy production systems to act as full time employment opportunity for farming community in Pakistan

Belayeth Hussain

Disciplinary technologies of microfinance institutions in Bangladesh comparison of BRAC and BRDB programs (completed: 2014)

Ismail Doga Karatepe

Islamists, state, bourgeoisie and discourse: The construction industry in Turkey (completed: 2017)

Raja Usman Khalid

Sustainable supply chain management at the base of the pyramid (completed: 2017)

Khawar Saeed Khan

Development of solar assisted milk pasteurizer and mobile chiller unit for income generation of rural communities

Claudia Levy

Social learning to promote decent living and working conditions for rural households in Mozambique (completed: 2016)

Aishah Namukasa

Law and labour migration struggles: legal consciousness of East African healthcare professionals in Britain (completed: 2017)

Justus Ochieng

Market orientation, rural out-migration, crop production and household food security: The case of smallholders in Central Africa (completed: 2014)

Kwabena Nyarko Otoo

Informal employment and labour regulations in Ghana (completed: 2017)

Halyna Wichmann

EU crisis management and its influence on the German public banking sector with the focus on the saving banks (completed: 2019)

Hariati Sinaga

Competitive pressures and labour rights: power and labour relations in Indonesian oil palm and automobile sectors (completed: 2017)

Prem Jose Vazhacharickal

Characterization of urban and peri-urban agricultural production systems and soil heavy metal signatures in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India (completed: 2014)

Verna Viajar

Examining labour organizing strategies of migrant domestic workers’ in Malaysia: Prospects in the struggles for empowerment of domestic worker networks and dynamic tensions with trade unions (completed: 2019)

Kateryna Yarmolyuk


Implementation of international labour standards / EU labour law norms into national legislation of Ukraine - occupational health and safety issues (Completed: 2015)

Sadaat Ali Yawar

Decent work in food supply chains (completed: 2014)

Xi Zhao

Returning migrants and social inclusion in rural China (completed: 2014)

TATA Institute of Social Sciences


PhD Title

Hemantika Basu

Informal labour market and women in Siliguri, West Bengal: Understanding work and employment from decent work perspective

Nisha Bharti

Informalisation of labour in garment manufacturing: a study in Mumabi (completed: 2019)

Indira Gartenberg

Decent work in the informal sector: the case of home based workers in Mumbai (completed: 2016)

Debdulal Saha

Street vendors in Mumbai: An exploration within the framework of 'decent work' (completed: 2012)

Abhishek Sawant

Public space access and organising structures for street vendors: Comparative case studies between Mumbai and Johannesburg

University of the Witwatersrand


PhD Title

Andrew Bennie

Re-thinking the agrarian question in South Africa: Contestation and alternatives in the South African agro-food system

Asanda Benya

Women in mining: A comparative study of two South African platinum mines (completed: 2016)

Ruth Castel-Branco

Rural livelihoods, social welfare and public employment programs in Mozambique

Crispen Chinguno

Strike violence and precarious employment (completed: 2015)

Katherine Joynt

Power relations in the wheat-to-bread commodity chain in South Africa

Johannes Machinya

'Illegal' migrant labour and precarity. A case study of undocumented migrant workers in Witbank, South Africa (completed: 2019)

Themba Masondo

The socio-economic impact of an employed guarantee: a comparison of CWP and NREGA

Wellington Myundura

'Operating under the radar': Rethinking forestry plantation workers' resistance & quiescene in Zimbabwe's eastern highlands, Chimanimani district

Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán


PhD Title

Ola El-Kashef

Studying the methods of information acquisition for empowering of rural women in production practices of backyard chicken in Yucatan, Mexico (completed: 2015)

Irina Peniche González

Milk yield, composition and digestibility of hair ewes fed (completed: 2016)

Mauricio Lopez Barreto

An approach to the Yucatec-Mayan biocultural heritage from a political ecology perspective: the case of the home garden in Chimay, Yucatan (completed: 2018)

Francisco Iván


Green jobs in agriculture: contribution to the sustainable rural development of Yucatan (completed: 2018)

Edith Pereyra de la Rosa

Social construction of knowledge, relief from the food insecurity in rural areas of Yucatán (completed: 2019)