PhD Fellows

Universidade Estadual de Campinas


Dissertation Topic

University of Cape Coast


Dissertation Topic

Moses Segbenya

Informality and organizing among stone quarry workers in the Central Region of Ghana

University of Agriculture Faisalabad


Dissertation Topic

Asif Hameed

Yak husbandry and its contribution to rural livelihoods in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Arslan Nawaz


Biodiversity and use of sea buckthorn in the Karakorum mountains of northern Pakistan

Saima Nazir

Current Status of Bt Cotton Cultivation, Future Challenges, Perspectives and its Linkages with Sustainable Livelihood of Female Cotton Pickers in Southern Punjab Pakistan

University of Kassel


Dissertation Topic

Anne Engelhardt

Organizing labour at chokepoints – the case of sea and air terminals in Portugal and Brazil

Jorge Enrique Forero

Class struggle and productive transformation policy during the Ecuadorian citizen's revolution 2007-2017

Jongkil Kim

A Victory of the Neoliberal Transnational Historic Bloc under the New Phase of Globalisation? A Neo-Gramscian Approach to the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement

Evans Appiah


Assessment of Decent Work Initiatives along the Agricultural Value Chain in Ghana: Comparing and Improving Effects for Economic and Social Upgrading

Madelaine Moore

Common ground? Exploring struggles over water through Social Reproduction Feminism

Grace Rusinamhodzi

Assessing the socio-economic significance of commercialization of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) for rural households in or adjacent forest environments

Janine Walter


Global Framework Agreements - As a global concept for implementing labour rights

TATA Institute of Social Sciences


Dissertation Topic

Hemantika Basu

Informal Labour Market and Women in Siliguri, West Bengal: Understanding Work and Employment from Decent Work perspective

Shahana Purveen

Migrants, Work and Identity: A Study in Mumbai

University of the Witwatersrand


Dissertation Topic


Hope and Utopianism in the Everyday Lives of Metalworkers and Their Communities

Johannes Machinya

'Illegal' Migrant Labour and Precarity. A Case Study of Undocumented Migrant Workers in Witbank, South Africa

Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán


Dissertation Topic

Mauricio Hernandez-Estrada

Environmental degradation viewpoint from governmental policies and tourism activities in Yucatán´s Natural Protected Areas

Diana Estefania Castillo Loeza

Public policy and agrobiodiversity: contribution to the sustainable development of rural households in the Yucatan

Edith Pereyra de la Rosa

Social construction of knowledge, relief from the food insecurity in rural areas of Yucatán