Bharti, Nisha


PhD Scholar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, V.N.Purav Marg, Deonar Deport, Mumbai- 400088



Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

PhD Project Title

Informalisation of Labour in Garment Manufacturing: A Study in Mumbai


Dr. Mouleshri Vyas

Area of Interest

Labour in Unorganised Sector

Educational Background


PhD, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India


M.Phil, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India, topic entitled- Women engaged in Emerging Home-based work: A Study in Hyderabad


A in Globalisation and Labour, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India with specialisation in Unorganised Sector


  Bachelors in Business Administration, Indira College of Commerce, Pune University, Pune, India with specialisation in Marketing Managem

Social/Political Activities

  • As part of my Master’s in Globalisation and Labour (2007-2009), I worked as an intern for six months with National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI, in Patna.  My responsibility was to form a women’s cell in all the member organizations of NASVI to provide a platform to women vendors.  In the last month of internship I organized a one-day national seminar in Bhubneshwar in which at least 200 women street vendors participated and shared their problems and the types of exploitation they face every day on the street. They also discussed the importance of implementation of the ‘National Policy on the Urban Street Vendors’.
  • I participated in flood relief and ran a relief camp for a month in Banmankhi (a small village in Purnia district of Bihar) for about 150 persons with support of an organization, ‘Nidan’, in the year 2008.
  • Visited Tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu in the year 2005, to study the livelihoods of people after one year of Tsunami. Presented the report to ActionAid International’s local office in Nagercoil and its sister organization, PRAXIS.

Awards/ Scholarships

2012 - 2013

Indian Council of Social Science Research


Article entitled ‘Contested Urban Spaces: Street Vendors in Hyderabad’ got published in edited volumn ‘Challenges of Urbanisation in the 21st Century’, 2013, ISBN- 13: 978-81-8069-950-4 (Vol. 3), Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi

My M.Phil dissertation entitled ‘Women Engaged in Emerging Home-based Occupations: A Study in the city of Hyderabad’ got published by Lamberta Academic Publishing UK in 2012. ISBN: 978-3-8473-7067-3

Article entitled ‘Social Exclusion in Indian Labour Market’ got published in Journal of Social Exclusion Studies, ISSN No. Print: 2231-4547, Online: 2231-4555, Vol.1, No.1, February, 2011