Khalid, Raja Usman


FG Supply Chain Management
Untere Königsstraße 1 - 3
34109 Kassel



University of Kassel

PhD Project Title

Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Base of Pyramid

Abstract of PhD Thesis

As the scholarly debate concerning doing business in the BoP markets is still
maturing, researchers are exploring different avenues of this relatively new  management paradigm. The topics like BoP business strategy, innovation in BoP markets, BoP market entry strategies for MNCs, collaborations and partnerships in BoP markets etc. are under spotlight of the management intelligentsia.  Different theoretical propositions are regularly being put forward by the  concerned scholars since the start of BoP debate. The underlying aim of this  continuous struggle is to provide a sound theoretical foundation seamlessly  linking BoP with the existing management literature. However, a glance at the published literature reveals the fact that up till now scholars have mostly  focused on business strategy and innovation in BoP context. Sustainable supply chain management though being one among the core pillars of today’s  management literature has received very little attention of the intelligentsia in BoP context. No serious effort has been undertaken to bridge BoP and  sustainable supply chain management together. Moreover a student of the subject can easily identify that qualitative case studies dominate as the  principal research methodology undertaken by the BoP researchers.

In this backdrop it becomes obvious that there exists tremendous room for
stretching scholarly muscle to establish more reliable and valid theoretical links between BoP and management literature. Particularly there exists a pressing need to take up serious effort in order to provide the practitioners and  management scholars with the theoretical link bridging sustainable supply chain management and BoP together. This particular research is a step in the particular direction; effort will be made not only to establish that missing theoretical link between sustainable supply chain management and BoP but also to fill that void of quantitative surveys currently existing in the BoP  literature.

Area of Interest

Sustainability and Supply Chain Management and their integration towards Sustainable Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Controlling with a focus on the use of management accounting tools in supply chains.

Educational Background

2014 -

PhD-student, University of Kassel, DAAD-scholarship, International Center for Development and Decent Work


Master of Science in International Food Business and Consumer studies.
University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany

2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.
Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Awards / Scholarships

  • DAAD-scholarship
    International Center for Development and Decent Work