Li, Cheng

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Institute of Economy/CESIT, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

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Analysis of Feasible Policies as Response to the Transitional & Post Labour Surplus Economy

Abstract of PhD Thesis

To continue the previous research, entitled "Labour Surplus Economy under Transitions", this paper as the succession is proposed to deepen its research results in the subsequent level. And the labour surplus economy here is a concept in most of the theories of development economics, as different with the Marxian notion of "Surplus Labour", which is considered as a theory or an economic model analyzing an economy, featuring mainly in a great number of rural labour force in excess of its capacity (under a certain level of development) and the reallocation process of the so-called surplus labour force within its economic dualism (rural-urban divisions).

It will mainly discuss a balanced development idea that when the labour as considered as "surplus" released from agricultural activities, in the light of the level of industrial development, is to be accommodated or transferred in a comparative smooth way. More precisely, it will research on how to transfer in the way, not create the high urban unemployment from one hand, also not in the way of keeping rural labour force underemployment, or indifference in the unproductive activities from the other hand. Therefore, the paper will be combined both by classical and neo-classical theories, constructed a heterodoxy economic model, focusing on the transitional and post period, through policy analysis, mapping up the feasible solutions to the main challenges of the determined period, in order to make the economic transition more sustainable.

Therefore, what lies in the main tasks for this paper will be focus, first on the determination of the period that is called transitional and post, and second on the investigation of those countries who had experienced radical rural-urban migration process before, targeting the social and economic issues during that period to which were mainly attributed, and at the end analyze and produce the feasible polices that could tackle the main challenges confronting with this transitional and post labour surplus economy.


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Area of Interest

Development Economics, Labour Surplus Transition and Rural-Urban Migration

Educational Background


Master of Arts, University of Campinas, Brazil, majoring in Social Economy and Labour with major focus on development economics


Master of Arts, TATA Institute of Social Sciences, India, majoring in Globalization and Labour Studies in terms of labour issues in social sciences


Bachelor of Arts, China Institute of Industrial Relations, China, majoring in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations with primary focus on labour relations

Professional Experience


Research Writer for UNI Global Union Asia & Pacific Regional Office, Singapore, Singapore


Human Resources Management and Labour Specialist Coordinator for China Electronics Corporation (smart card company), Beijing, China


Nuclear Olympic & Paralympic Games in New Century Capital University Student Leaders School, Beijing, China

Social/Political Activities

  • Part-time research writer with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
  • Part-time research writer with UNI Global Union Asia & Pacific Regional Office (UNI Apro)



CNPq Scholarship, Brazil


Best International Student, India


ILO Scholarship, India


Beijing Outstanding Graduate, China / Beijing Outstanding Student Cadre, China


Outstanding Volunteer of International Olympic Games Committee / National Scholarship, China


National Endeavour Scholarship, China


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  • Cheng, Li. (2013), “Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines in the Retail Industry”, ASEAN Services Employees Trade Unions Council Press, available in Five Languages: English, Thai, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, and Vietnamese.
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