Muthui, Jonah

Contact Details

P.O. BOX 536, 20115, Egerton, Nakuru, Kenya

muthuijonah[at] / jonahmuthui[at]



Egerton University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science

PhD Project Title

Evaluation of Pig Value Chain Governance, Producer Competitiveness and Alternative Feeding: Case of Smallholder Farmers in Nakuru County, Kenya

Abstract of PhD Thesis

Pig farming provides an attractive value development opportunity owing to increasing global and local trends in demand for pork and other white meats. Pig productivity for majority of Kenyan farmers has however remained low. Competitiveness of smallholder pig producers is also unexplored. Understanding of pig value chain governance, competitiveness of pig farmers and implications of use of alternative feed resources (AFRs) on productivity would contribute greatly to identifying interventions. The objectives of this study will be; 1. To evaluate power relations and distribution of sources of economic rent along the pig value chain, 2. To evaluate the competitiveness of pig farmers in Kenya with reference to compliance, productivity, technology use, market access and quality of work, 3. To describe the temporal heterogeneity and nutritional values of AFRs used by smallholder  farmers and model feeding decisions, 4.To determine digestible energy(DE): daily weight gain (DWG) ratios in weaned piglets for AFRs in use by smallholders, and 5. To compare feed cost efficiency between AFRs and commercially compounded feeds. To evaluate value chain governance, key informants from Western Kenya, Central Rift, Central Kenya, Nairobi and its environs will be interviewed in a pilot survey using unstructured questionnaires. Descriptive statistics will be used in analysis of power relations. Cumulative frequency analysis will be used to compute an economic rents index to analyze distribution of sources of economic rent.  To assess competitiveness, pretested structured questionnaires will be administered to 385 pig farmers in Nakuru County to collect demographic data, pig production data, feeding regimes and marketing data. Variables will be identified on the Porter's diamond framework. Analysis will be done using descriptive statistics. Data on proximate analysis and feed digestible energy values will be derived from laboratory analysis. Multinomial logistic regression will be used to model decisions to use AFRs. 84 post-weaning pigs housed in metabolism cages will be used to estimate growth and feed efficiency using regression analysis using SPSS statistical software version 22. The results of this study will be useful to stakeholders in the pig industry including farmers, policy makers and researchers by contributing towards improving productivity and competitiveness and therefore improving livelihoods of pig farmers.

Area of Interest

Sustainable Livelihoods in Livestock Production through improved Productivity

Educational Background


MSc. Agricultursl Economicy, Egerton University, Kenya, Bio-economics of breeding practices of smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya


Diploma in Project Management, Kenya Institute of Management - Project: Implementation of Government programmes, Pond fish farming


Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Professional Experience


Graduate Teaching Assistant - Egerton University: Undergraduate instruction/lectures and tutorial classes; research on smallholder dairy management practices


Outreach Programmes Coordinator: Veterinary Resource Centre - coordinate veterinary clinical & extension / help establish & coordiante training of farmer groups / developed effective product promotion strategies and market research while maintaining a highly professional organization



MSc. Research Sponsorship by the East African Research Consortium (EARC)


  • The Influence of Livestock Market Structure, Conduct and Performance on Herd Productivity Among Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Western Kenya.  Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development Vol.3(1,),pp12-16, February 2014.
  • Dairy Insemination and Replacement Practices of Smallholder Farmers. A policy brief presented at stakeholder workshops in Nandi and Vihiga Counties on 9th-10th July 2014.
  • Econometric analysis of the influence of smallholder dairy management practices on herd productivity. A scientific paper presented at the Kenya Veterinary Association productivity. A scientific paper presented at the Kenya Veterinary Association. Scientific Conference on 5th April 2013 held at Merica Hotel, Nakuru, Kenya.