Torres Cierpe, Juana


Kleine Rosenstraße 1 - 3
34109 Kassel



ICDD, University of Kassel

PhD Project Title

Precarious employment and identity in Chile. The case of “trabajadores a honorarios” in the Central Administration


he topic that I am working refers to the precariousness of workers in Chile, specifically, about the named “Trabajadores a Honorarios”, by using the theory about conflict, exclusion and identity. They are a kind of dependent-independent workers (abhängig- selbständige Arbeiter) that develop their tasks for the Central Administration. The idea of the PHD is to looking for commonalities or not into this group with the purpose of exploring potential identity in precarious workers. This example allow to observe the increase and the limits that de precariousness in Chile has reached, due to this case represents a paradigmatic phenomenon in which the employer, the State, does not give the proper rights to its own employees.

Area of Interest

Labour sociology: Precariousness, collective identity, conflict, consensus.

Educational Background


Master Academic Degree in “Labour Policy and Globalisation”, Kassel University and Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany.


Professional degree in Sociology, Universidad de Chile.


Academic degree in sociology, Universidad de Chile

Professional Experience


Consultant (Research Assistant) in the “United Nations Development Programme” (UNDP), United Nations (UN). Santiago, Chile.


Masters Internship in “International Trade Union Confederation” (ITUC). Brussels, Belgium.

2009- 2010

Consultant (Research Assistant) in the "Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean” (ECLAC) United Nations (UN). Santiago, Chile.


Consultant (Research Assistant) in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) United Nations (UN). Santiago, Chile.


Consultant (Research Assistant) in the Consejo de Evaluación (Assessment board) in Universidad de Chile (University of Chile).

Social / Political Activities


Active participant in project: Sindicato de Trabajadores a Honorarios (Trade Union of Dependent Autonomous Workers).

2005- 2010

Coordinator of  History department and History teacher at a Preuniversitario Social, a social educational institution which prepares students for PSU (University selection test). This project was done by different trade unions and students from different universities. Preuniversitario “Nuestra Construcción” works with trade unionist workers` sons. The institution seeks to increase the possibility to study at universities or institutes mainly to students who present socioeconomic difficulties.

Awards / Scholarships


Scholarship from Becas Chile. (CONICYT- Technological and scientific research national commission). Funds for PHD studies, in Kassel University.


Scholarship from DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Dienst). Funds for german language studies, in Marburg, Germany.


Scholarship from Becas Chile. (CONICYT- Technological and scientific research national commission). Funds for Masters studies , in Kassel University.


  Academic contest for young researchers in Universidad de Chile
(University Chile). The highest performance.


Scholarship called “Beca Hijo de Profesores” which finances the
payment at the university. Award granted due to the obtaining of higher scores in PAA (test for application to the universities in Chile).

Publications and presentations

2013 Presentation in Congress ALAST (Asociación Latinoamericana de Estudios del Trabajo). With: “El movimiento de trabajadores subcontratistas de CODELCO-Chile (2006-2008). Análisis de una nueva forma de acción sindical” (The subcontractors movement of CODELCO- Chile (2006- 2008). Analysis of a new union action way), São Paulo, Brazil.

2010 Author of the book “Tradición Sindical en El Teniente: un recorrido
por más de un siglo de historia” (Trade unions tradition in El Teniente, a tour to more than a century of history). Book funded by Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes – FONDART (National Culture Broad for culture and arts).

Book “Gestión del Riesgo de Sequía y Otros Eventos Climáticos en Chile” (Drought Risk Management and Other Climate Events in Chile). Participation as part of the technical team. Book funded and designed by the Food and Agricultural Organization, FAO. United Nations, UN.

2009 Author of the Article “Los subcontratistas de Bosques Arauco y
CODELCO: ¿un movimiento en vías de politización?” (The CODELCO and Bosques subcontracted workers, a movement in the process of politicization?). Article published by Revista MAD,

Universidad de Chile (MAD Magazine, University of Chile). Web address: