ICDD Events

In addition to research and teaching, the ICDD continously organises events as platforms for exchange. They are open to those interested in or working with questions of decent work; faculty, students, PhD candidates, policy-makers and practitioners from government departments, international institutions, non-governmental organisations and think tanks are welcome to attend. ICDD events include conferences, workshops or more specialised seminars, of which some are organised on a regular basis:

  • ICDD Thematic Conferences take place at least every two years at a different partner institution. It is a meeting place for the wide ICDD international network, but is also open to interested public.
  • PhD workshops are organised at different partner institutions every year. Together with faculty members and invited guests, ICDD's doctoral fellows mainly discuss theoretical and methodological issues related to doctoral research, themes of common interest and work-in-progress.
  • ICDD seminars take place twice to three times per semester in Kassel or Witzenhausen and gather University of Kassel ICDD affiliates, PhD candidates and the interested public.

Moreover, members of the ICDD network are continously presenting the findings of ICDD research as invited speakers at various events to audiences at universities, trade unions, NGOs and government agencies