Working Papers

WP No. 26

Solar Thermal Energy Storage System using phase change material for uninterrupted on-farm agricultural processing and value addition

WP No. 25

Care Extractivism and the Reconfi guration of Social Reproduction in Post-Fordist Economies

WP No. 24

Women’s empowerment for sustainable rural livelihoods: Voices from selected communities in Ghana

WP No. 23

Farmers in Peri-Urban Regions: Socio- Economic Changes and Access to Finance Study for Indian Economy

WP No. 22

Documentation Report: Syrian Refugees in the Turkish Labour Market

WP No. 21

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Decency of primary occupations in the Indian fishing industry

WP No. 20

India's Macroeconomic Policy Regime and Challenges of Employment: Some Reflections on the Manufacturing Sector

WP No. 19

Self-help groups for India’s financial inclusion: Do effective costs of borrowing limit their operation?

WP No. 18

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Microfinance through Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) for Grass-root level Empowerment

WP No. 17

Politics of public policies in India: Explaining the institutional internalization of inequality in policy legislation

WP No. 16

Economic growth and employment generation nexus: Insight from Ghana

WP No. 15

Crop Insurance and Risk Mitigation: Experiences from India

WP No.14

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Transformations of traditional landuse systems – and their effects on development opportunities and people’s livelihoods in Northern Ghana

WP No. 13

(Re) configuration of Water Resources Management in Mongolia: A Critical Geopolitical Analysis

WP No.12

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Identifying Employment Creating Sectors in India: An Analysis of Input-Output Linkages

WP No. 11

Can Decent Work and Export Oriented Growth Strategies Go Together? Lessons from Nicaragua’s Export Processing Zones

WP No. 10

The Decency of Women’s Working Conditions in Peri-urban Buffalo Production Systems in the District Faisalabad, Punjab

WP No. 9

The Dairy Value Chain: A Promoter of Development and Employment in Pakistan

WP No. 8

Credit Exclusion of the Poor: A Study of Cultivator Households in India

WP No. 7

Decent Work? How Self-employed Pastoralists and Employed Herders on Ranches Perceive their Working Conditions

WP No. 6:

Sozial verantwortliche Beschaffung von Informationstechnik. Socially Responsible Public Procurement of Information Technology

WP No. 5

Social Inequality and Social Policy outside the OECD: A New Research Perspective on Latin America

WP No. 4

Core Labor Rights: Competitive Pressures and Non-Compliance

WP No. 3

Together? On the Not-so-easy Relationship between Italian Labour Organisations and Migrant Domestic Workers’ Groups

WP No.2

Opportunities and Constraints of Peri-urban Buffalo and Dairy Cattle Systems in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

WP No.1

Work and Economic Security in the 21st century. What Can We Learn from Ela Bhatt?