Labour Policies and Globalisation

The GLU Masters programme “M.A. Labour Policies & Globalisation” (LPG) started as a pilot course in Germany in October 2004. The one-year programme is part of a wider project to promote cooperation between trade unions and the research community and to strengthen the analytical and policy development capacity of trade unions.
The curriculum was jointly developed by universities and trade unions from around the world with a focus on Global Challenges to Labour, International Labour Rights, Processes of Globalisation and Economic Responses to Globalisation.
The course in Germany takes place at the University of Kassel (1st semester) and the Berlin School of Economics and Law (2nd semester) and is taught in English.
Students also have the possibility to study one term of the programme in Germany and one term at one of our partner universities in Brazil, India, or South Africa (however, applicants should indicate this already on their application).