Welcome to the Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty 01 was established in 2011, following a major organizational reform at the University of Kassel. The former Faculty of Social Work and Social Welfare (now the Department of Social Work and Social Welfare) was merged with the Department of Psychology. In addition the Department of Educational Science and the Department of Music, both of which had previously been attached to another Faculty, were incorporated into the new body.

Today, the Faculty of Human Sciences and its departments (known as Institutes) offer more than ten teaching programs that lead to degrees at Bachelor and Master’s level in the areas of social work, psychology, counselling, therapy, and education (related to school or extracurricular studies). The Institutes are equally responsible for most of the courses related to the educational and social science curriculum, which is a central component of teacher training at the University of Kassel. In total more than 7000 students are currently enrolled in the courses taught by the Faculty.

The research activities of the various disciplines and departments focus on the theme ‘Learning Society and Social Inclusion’ (see the respective link on this website). Fields being studied include, among other things, empirical educational research, social support to children and youngsters, as well as social policy and social law. Further details can be found on the homepage of the various departments’ websites.