Welcome to the Department of Music

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The Department of Music is a place for a wide diversity of cultural activities and research in music pedagogy in addition to historical and systematic musicology. Graduates of the Department typically become music teachers at German public schools (at the elementary, intermediate and high-school levels). In addition, PhDs may be pursued in music education and musicology. A wide range of music-related issues is covered, including artistic, academic, and educational aspects, and these are combined with efforts to share knowledge to students and wider audiences. The curriculum provides solid instruction in both instrumental and vocal practice, with a specialization in either art or popular music. In addition, the programs provide opportunities for the acquisition of skills that are essential to music teaching in schools.

Students have access to a wide range of musical styles, for example, ensembles include the university choir and orchestra, a student orchestra, a big band, percussion groups, a soul band, and others. A professorship for popular music focuses on working in bands combined with additional training in composition, arrangement, improvisation, song-writing, and the use of studio software. Another special feature of the curriculum is musical or theatre projects, with an emphasis placed on the creative tension between music, language, and stage presentation.

As a further component of the department’s profile, musicology offers both historical and theoretical insights into music as an artistic and human activity.  It interrelates the past and the present, by means of a special focus on contemporary music, and encourages students to adopt a reflexive attitude towards the phenomenon of music. Courses dealing with music education pursue a variety of perspectives in relation to teaching and learning. Additional practical training allows for exploring and planning - and experimenting with - activities in this area. In general, the mutual enrichment of theory and practice is a key part of the approach in all of the department’s activities.