Psychological Assessment

Welcome to the home page of the Psychological Assessment group at the University of Kassel.

Psychological Assessment deals with the development and use of scientifically based methods of recognizing psychological constructs within the realms of abilities, skills, personality traits, and the like. Potential methods, for example, include questionnaires, behavioral observations, or interviews. Assessment is not an end unto itself. Rather, it is embedded in a diagnostic process that aims to answer practical questions.

This field is tremendously important for the practical work of psychologists in nearly every aspect of the profession. In teaching, we aim to convey knowledge in a manner that is both practically oriented and founded on scientific principles.

Our research covers various key topics, for example the assessment of personality (e.g., character strengths), life satisfaction, emotional states (e.g., affect) and anxiety disorders, but also experimental approaches (personality-congruent information processing in connection with anxiety, aversion sensitivity, extraversion). You find details on the individual web pages of our team members.