Psychology of Entrepreneurial Behavior

The chair Psychology of Entrepreneurial Behavior concerns the psychological underpinnings of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. In teaching, it is our aim to introduce students of all parts of the university to entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Our research concerns innovation processes within established organizations (intrapreneurship) as well as the founding process of new organizations (entrepreneurship).

A crucial differentiation within the innovation or entrepreneurial process is the generation and the implementation of (business) ideas. While the generation of ideas requires low risk aversion, experimentation with different approaches, and openness for new information, the implementation of ideas necessitates efficiency, error avoidance, and a clear goal focus. We are interested in how individuals involved in innovation or entrepreneurial processes manage the inherent contradictions of generating and implementing ideas. In this context, we examine for example self-regulatory processes, leadership as well as team processes.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kathrin Rosing
Maike Hundeling, MSc.
Friederike Gerlach, M.Sc.
Isabell Diermann, M.Sc.