Social Psychology

Welcome to the Social Psychology-Hompage!

Traditionally, social psychology focuses on the fact that our lives are basically depended on other people: We live in families, we care about friendships, or seek for intimate relationships.  We belong to a religion, we have a specific nationality or call ourselves fans of a soccer team.  For this reason, social psychology is preferentially concerned about the influence of social situations on our feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Our research addresses issues on credibility and deception detection, existential threat, social identity, and belief in a just world.

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Members of our Group:

Prof. Dr. Marc-André Reinhard

PD Dr. Simon Schindler

Kristin Wenzel, M.Sc.

Sarah Volz, M.Sc. 

Nina Reinhardt, M.Sc.  


Former members:

Sophia Weißgerber, M.Sc.